Sex Positions To Improve Your Sex Life

At the moment your love life is not that great, you might not be experiencing the passion in the bedroom as you used to in the first months or years of your relationship. There is no more anticipation between you and your partner since you are used to one and the same thing. You may be growing tired of the relationship since your sex life has become dull. If you are experiencing all the above, then it is the time that you make a drastic change in your life.

You want to get some excitement back in between the sheets. You want to be excited about engaging in sex again, and you want your partner to feel the same also, all you need to do is get out of the usual routine and ignite the passion in the bedroom back. All you need is some advice on how best improve your lovemaking process.

One of the first ways of improving your lovemaking is the introduction of some new and exciting thing. There is absolutely no reason for bringing in whips and toys or even chains, all you need to do is try out some new positions. One mistake that many couple commit is that they stick to the standard missionary.

Be informed that there are tons of different things and styles that you should try out and a great lot of positions that you and your partner can try out this positions.naked woman

Enhanced missionary position

The missionary position is thought to be the most common and oldest sex style. Although this is true, it still best in giving the best sexual intercourse that both of you will enjoy. All you need to do is add some little bit of enhancement to it.

To begin with, you lie on the bed and stretch yourself to her, deviate a little bit by opening her legs wider than normal. Note that in this position be sure to be kissing her passionately. What this position does is allowing her hips more mobility, and you will have deeper penetration than in any other style.

Doggy style

This is a well known and tested sex position that can please the both of you. This particular position is also credited with giving the female partner a raunchy and powerful orgasm quite early and easily. It is most distinct because of its popularity among other creatures other than humans. What this position does to men is that it calms down the unwanted excitement in men hence allowing them not to cum early in bed for maximum satisfaction of both the partners.

Lying face down position

nudeThis is a superb sex position that will allow all partners to have unforgettable orgasms. In this particular setting, the male partner is on top, and he penetrates the lady from the back while the lady lays with her face looking downwards. She lifts her butty upwards in front of the man and this case, she doesn’t open her legs. It is best for the two of you because you enjoy more simulation due to friction with the woman’s closed legs.

If you put the above positions into practice, you are sure to spice you bedroom affairs back to life.