Benefits Of Having Sex Frequently

34r5t6yufgtrefMany individuals do consider the act of having sexual intercourse as just any other activity that is an obligation that they are meant to perform to their partners. If your thinking setup is in that manner, then it is high time that you give it a second thought. Recent research findings have shown that regular sex can prove healthy for once life. It is important to know that this activity is not just another part of your life that will be just forgotten after an individual has gotten a good session in bed.

Men and women need not have any justifications to have sex. However, understanding the benefits that come with doing it on a regular basis will perhaps encourage both individuals to be actively engaged in it more frequently. When one has sex more regularly, they are left with a good feeling, improved output at the work place, and it can leave one even feeling even much younger.

There are other benefits that one can acquire from regular sex which can be essential health-wise. Let us, therefore, look at how regular sex can be beneficial to both men and women;

Benefits of regular sex

1. Stress reliever

First and foremost, sex usually has the magical ability to reduce individuals stress levels and therefore to leave them with a better feeling. For those who are suffering from hypertension, engaging in regular sexual intercourse will enable you to reduce the pressure of your blood to normal levels. What this indirectly means is that you will be at a reduced risk of facing or experiencing any cardiovascular problems in future.

2. Improved immunity

It is very common to encounter individuals who have a problem with their immune system; this problem makes one vulnerable to common infections. What regular sexual activity does here is that it will help improve your immune system by increasing the level of immunoglobin A which is an antibody in the body. What this antibody does is that its high level in the body ensures that the body is protected against common infections like colds and other problems.

3. Source of exercise

Engaging in regular sexual activity is a great way of giving your body the exercise that it so much needs without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom. Research has shown that half an hour of sex will burn away 85 calories from the body an act which will be very helpful over an extended period. It is recommended that you engage in sexual intercourse for at least twice a week so that you can be free from any heart attack cases.r45t67uytrg

4. Improves family life

It has also been discovered that when you have sex regularly and experience orgasms, it leads to a better family life. During sex, the love hormone is released which is known as oxytocin, What this hormone does is that it helps in the building of trust in your partner along with intimacy, factors that are essential in the development of a happy family.

Apart from the benefits that we have highlighted above, regular sex helps one to be tolerant to pain, helps in the building of stronger pelvic muscles and even most importantly it gives the body the maximum rest it needs thus allowing one to sleep soundly.